I have fond memories of my mum cooking while growing up. Spaghetti, chicken, meatballs… and my favourite of hers, lasagna.  

One time she made a 13lb lasagna.  Yes we weighed it.  It was made in a turkey pan, and could have fed a village.  (We had family in town that night, I recall.  So there were a lot of people around)

Yes, lasagna has always been one of my favourite meals, but very rarely eaten as it is so time consuming to make! Store bought is no where near as good as my mama’s anyways.  

Then today came.  Last night I found the website drizzlemeskinny.com and went crazy! I found this recipe first and couldn’t wait to try it 


 Only 9sp for a serving of lasagna! so worth it in my mind!!!!   So today I went out and bought all the ingredients I didn’t have, and got to work! only realizing I didn’t have a dish to cook it in! so I impervised, using a muffin tray instead; which worked out perfectly for portions!!!!!! 

I worked it out to be still 9sp per serving because I doubled the recipe for freezing purposes (easy lunches on the go!) 

They were SO GOOD. The only change I’m going to make. Is adding spinach to the ricotta next time. (It’s how my mum always makes her lasagna) plus it just means more veggies! 

Give it a try and let me know what you think!